JNAJA Red - 50mm


The JNAJA is created to give you a different sensation while wearing a Cock Ring. The pressure on your perineum results in stronger erections and very powerful ejaculation.

Wearing the JNAJA can be compared to an internal prostate massage. The design of the JNAJA is very comfortable to wear throughout the day, besides intercourse and masturbation sessions.

The JNAJA is a ready to wear, ergonomic penis ring, which follows the natural curves of the male body. It can be worn during the whole day thus giving the wearer the pleasure of being 'EnRinged' while his perineum is constantly being massaged. This will increase your sexual drive and appetite, making you feel more 'manly' and confident.

 The JNAJA is 3D printed from nylon fibre and dyed like stonewashed jeans. It will de-colour as time goes by; making it unique to its owner after hours of wearing pleasure.

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