The Love Bag


The Love Bag is now available in Australia ! 

Created in the  Netherlands by the sophisticated Sofie Rockland, The Love Bag is a spontaneous, sensual and intimate product made specifically for the hospitality industry for hotel guests.

The Love Bag is a discreet product, perfect for:

 - Romantic Honeymoon or Valentine's Day packages;

 - Hotel room's mini bar for spontaneous moments;

 - Hotel vending machines; 

 - A cheeky product behind the bar for your patrons;

 - It is also a great gift for a lover or a friend.

If you are interested in stocking The Love Bag please direct all sales enquiries within Australia to 

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Honey Moon Package or Mini Bar Product 

The Love Bag is an innovative, high quality, Dutch designed product which provides an excellent opportunity for up selling through room packages, minibars, maxi bars or vending machines.

The sophistication of The Love Bag offers guests a luxury pleasure kit at an affordable price, enhancing guests’ experiences while staying with you. The discreet packaging teases adult guests into exploring the bag, with a QR code to explore its exciting contents before opening. The Love Bag is travel ready and the contents can be sealed and packed into guests luggage or handbags.

The Love Bag contains a mixture of exciting and teasing products which enables an experience filled with seduction and pleasure that guests won’t easily forget!

The Love Bag contains the following:

  • 1 blindfold;
  • 1 feather tickler;
  • 1 vibrating gentlemans ring;
  • 2 condoms;
  • 1 lubricant sachet;
  • 1 massage oil sachet.

Benefits to you for selling The Love Bag

  • unique brand;
  • a discreet, quality product;
  • additional revenue;
  • marketing support;
  • sales training.

The Love Bag is being very successfully placed and sold in many upmarket hotels throughout the Netherlands and Europe. Refer to link:

If you are interested in stocking The Love Bag please direct all sales enquiries within Australia to Stacey on 

The Love Bag as a Gift

The Love Bag is for those who live for the moment, are wild at heart, curious, warm blooded but who are also mindful of their safety.

The Love Bag makes sure that you can enjoy spontaneous temptation, seduction and intimate moments together anywhere, anytime!

The Love Bag’s versatility, discreetness and price point make it ideal:

  • as a surprise gift;
  • for a spontaneous or planned sexy moment with someone new or someone you love;
  • to please and seduce each other, spicing up an ordinary weekday or a lazy Sunday;
  • for a seductive night in a hotel;
  • for spontaneous moments at festivals and events;
  • as a gift to the Bachelor or Bachelorette before their wedding day.

The Love Bag is travel ready, discreet and conveniently packaged to ensure it will be a success.

The Elevator team is pleased to be the official Australian wholesale distributor of The Love Bag to the Australian hospitality industry. The Elevator is proud to be representing a quality brand and product which is synonymous with their own values of quality and intimate love connections.