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Pink Ribbon Month

30% Off Store Wide for Pink Ribbon Month

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Offer Ends 31/10/2017


30% Off Stocktake Sale - Storewide

Enjoy a 30% discount storewide for The Elevator's yearly stocktake sale!

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 Damaged Sex Toys

 Replace Damaged Sex Toys

The Elevator will give you a 15% discount on purchasing one* new sex toy to replace a  damaged sex toy which you have owned previously to visiting The Elevator website.  Just enter CleanToys15% on check out to receive the discount.

To read more about the offer click here or go to the following Editors Review on Why and How to Clean Sex Toys:

*(This offer applies to the replacement of one toy per person only)

Repeat Customers

The Elevator is pleased to support our loyal customers by providing an ongoing 10% discount to repeat customers. To be eligible, you must make three separate consecutive orders and The Elevator Team will contact you via email to allocate a personalised 10% discount code on all future orders. For further information, please email The Elevator Team at

Date Night Boxes

We've boxed it in so you can let the passion out with our new Date Night Box range. Check it out click here....