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Enjoy a 30% discount storewide for The Elevator's yearly stocktake sale!

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Valid from 11/06/2017-30/06/2017.



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 Damaged Sex Toys

 Replace Damaged Sex Toys

The Elevator will give you a 15% discount on purchasing one* new sex toy to replace a  damaged sex toy which you have owned previously to visiting The Elevator website.  Just enter CleanToys15% on check out to receive the discount.

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*(This offer applies to the replacement of one toy per person only)

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The Elevator is pleased to support our loyal customers by providing an ongoing 10% discount to repeat customers. To be eligible, you must make three separate consecutive orders and The Elevator Team will contact you via email to allocate a personalised 10% discount code on all future orders. For further information, please email The Elevator Team at

Date Night Boxes

Date Night Boxes coming soon ! Stay tuned.......