Riding Crop with Black Handle


The Elevator is delighted to offer this divine leather riding crop. Made in Germany, this light weight crop is of the highest quality, perfectly balance and flexible, making it robust to deliver induced sensation where required.

If you are not game to try a leather whip but would like a gateway toy to experiment with BDSM, then a riding crop is for you. It delivers either gentle tapping to a stingy bite. The light tapping of a riding crop on sensual areas followed by the sensation of the tongue is a highly erotic experience. This leather crop is an absolute must for your bedroom play. Beautifully balanced, beautiful to look at and beautiful to use!


  • Nylon Crop
  • bare, leather-adhesive grip, metal tube, metal mushroom cap
  • stick - black leather
  • Colour, black
  • length incl. top, 65cm