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It always amazes me how open people are when sharing their humorous bedroom stories. Owning this type of business brings with it the funniest conversations and insights from friends about their intimate lives and the sex toys they use from solo use to couples play in the bedroom.

One girlfriend, who suffers from bouts of insomnia, swears by her nightly orgasm from her favourite vibrator before bedtime to send her into a blissful night’s sleep. I couldn’t stop laughing when she fell asleep one night mid use and was woken up a short time later by her dog growling at her operational vibrator on the floor! My immediate response was - 'God I hope you washed that thing!'. She said she was so tired she picked it up and whacked it in her bedside drawer for safe keeping and forgot about it being there for a few days. The thought of a used toy with the dog, then placed in the bed side drawer with random objects collecting dust inspired this blog topic - Why and How to Clean Sex Toys.

If you are new to the world of purchasing sex toys (or like me and have a few in their stash), the biggest tip I can give you is to buy good quality sex toys which can be thoroughly cleaned. If cleaned and stored correctly this will ensure your products which you have invested in will last longer.

Let's face it, sex can be a highly pleasurable past time but is also a very messy business. You can only lie in a hormone induced pleasure coma for a certain period of time before reality kicks in and you have to tend to cleaning whatever you have used. Not cleaning your toys and then reusing them, can lead to the development of some nasty bacteria growth or potentially the passing on of STDs, so get to it and clean your sex toys. Aside from the potential bacteria growth, leaving unclean sex toys out could permanently gross your flatmate or teenager out forever so to avoid that situation, a thorough clean-up is a must!

Getting down to the business of cleaning sex toys. It’s always best to check/read the care instructions provided by the manufacturer for waterproof capabilities and material . Most toys will be made from a combination of materials and therefore require specific cleaning requirements. For info on cleaning different types of materials click here.

A common sense approach is key and only four things are generally needed; hot water, non-allergic and non-scented liquid soap, a good quality toy cleaner and a clean dry towel. Below is a process for cleaning sex toys:

Cleaning Process

~ Always wash toys before and after sex. (For all us mothers out there trying to fit in a quickie, a good wash after will do!);

~ If your sex toy has batteries, take out the batteries and ensure no water gets near the battery compartment; 

~ If you have a rechargeable sex toy, make sure it is not connected to electricity and do not immerse the recharging section in water;

~ Turn on hot water tap until it's as hot as you can handle it;

~ Give toys an initial good rinse;

~ Wash toys thoroughly under hot running water with a non-allergenic non scented liquid soap;

~ Rinse thoroughly with hot water;

~ Repeat wash and rinse again;

~ Spray toy with a good quality toy cleaner and leave on toy for recommended time specified on toy cleaner directions, for example Lelo Toy Cleaner recommends 5 seconds but I give it 15+ seconds for good measure;

~ Rinse toy again and lay on dry towel to air dry or pat down immediately;

~ Once completely dry, place in storage bag or original box and store away. Don’t store all your toys loosely together as one can transfer bacteria to another if not cleaned properly.

On a final note if your sex toy is damaged chuck it! Germs can fester in cracks over time and may cause you a nasty infection! If you have a damaged product, The Elevator will give you 15% discount on purchasing one* new toy to replace a damaged one. Just enter CleanToys15% on check out to receive the discount.

*(This offer applies to the replacement of one toy per person only).

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