Ora 2 by Lelo

Ora 2 by Lelo

I was 15 when I saw my first vibrator. I was with my brother and one of his friends when we found our parents sex toy stash quite innocently in their bedside drawer. I remember saying, ‘OMG that's gross, don't touch it! Put it back!’ We laughed for ages and of course it was never put back but ended up in a boy’s private school in Sydney! Mum and Dad never said a word to us. My father is now 83 and I bought it up with him just recently. He said “your mother and I always wondered where that got to”……‘ Ha! We both laughed and then talked about the weather… Awkward… Anyhow, two things stood out for me from that memory and ensuing conversation. Firstly, that sex toys are generally a taboo subject amongst most people (until you add alcohol ), and secondly, just how different sex toys look now compared to the first one I saw, back in the 1980s.

As I cast my mind back to that 1980s vibrator, it was very basic and cream in colour. There was no pizazz, it was just functional and plastic. Fast forward 30 years and sex toys have been completely revolutionised. They are sleek, sexy, modern, and mostly rechargeable. Some are so modern, even abstract in nature, that they can even be put on a shelf on display in your home ‘cause that's how pretty they are and guests would never really know what it was unless they had one themselves. This undoubtedly fits the mould with the Ora 2 by Lelo. Its circular shape doesn't emulate any classic phallic shape at all, but is a stand out in modern design due to its colour and circular nature. The product is just so pretty it was calling my name to give it a whirl, so I did and here's the verdict:

The Ora 2 by Lelo is an oral sex simulator that provides pleasure through a large rotating nub beneath the surface of a smooth silicone exterior. The nub provides long seductive swirls and intense pulsations on, and around, the clitoris which is a vastly different sensation compared to other vibrators on the market (as all they do is vibrate). Aside from the design, the rotating, flicking nub combined with your choice of either vibrating or non-vibrating patterns, is by far a stand out feature of this sex toy. Speaking for myself, I'm not always in the mood for a vibrating sex toy but rather one that flicks and tantalises so this one is perfect for either of those options.

Another feature, is the ergonomic circular shape which you can either hold on your clitoris or rock along the labia minora. The shape allows you to thread your fingers through the device and hold it comfortably which results in no wanker’s cramp! Girls, this gets a big tick from me! It also has a feature called “SenseTouch technology” that means throughout the 10 patterns it activates vibration when pressed against the skin. This is great as it does the thinking for you in a subtle but magnetic way enhancing your experience.

Lelo is a Swedish brand that prides itself on the high quality products and functional design. It's the Mercedes Benz of adult sex toy manufacturers - always delivering sleek, modern, well performing products. Lelo has achieved this all the way through with the Ora 2 from branding, through to packaging and ultimately carried through to the end product. As such, this sex toy is an overall winner for me.

Sex in the City got girls addicted to rabbit vibrators after Charlotte spent a whole weekend locked up in her apartment with hers! I say move over randy jack rabbit vibrator, I'll spend the weekend at home with my Ora 2 by Lelo! Do yourself a favour and give it a go girls!

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