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My newsfeed on Facebook is full of interesting facts and figures. Recently, I read an article which stated that 85% of women only orgasm through clitoral stimulation and 15% through penetration. I was completely gob smacked! So being the google researching kind of gal I am, I decided to do a quick fact check to verify the stats. To my surprise a number of other articles appeared to have similar statistics. I then googled how many women do not orgasm at all and the figure ranged from 5-15 %.

Sexual response is a complex blend of many physical and psychological variables. There are many reasons why people may not orgasm – tiredness, stress, anxiety, health problems, hormonal changes, medication, psychological blocks, lack of knowledge about their own bodies, lack of attraction to their partners, lack of foreplay, monotony from a long term relationship or a lack of emotional intimacy e.g. casual hook ups.

Knowing this, my mind drifted to the truly satisfying sensation that the vast majority of women are missing out on. I could not imagine a sex life without orgasms and all the physiological benefits that come with an orgasm. The benefits of orgasms are well documented - relief of stress, assisting with sleep, production of hormones, intimate connections etc.

Being aware of these benefits and the sensation that completely engulfs your whole body, I thought to myself what sex toy stocked by The Elevator would assist women with clitoral stimulation whilst being penetrated to ensure women could experience that mind blowing orgasm that the 15% of us take for granted?

The sex toy which immediately came to mind which was small enough to provide clitoral stimulation without getting in the way of penetration is the ‘Mimi Soft’ by Je Joue. To back up my recommendation for all those women out there that don’t orgasm either by penetration or at all, I decided to give the Mimi Soft a test drive.

My first tip in using the Mimi Soft, is to charge it for the full recommended two hours before use! I’m an impatient gal at times and only charged it initially for half an hour thinking it would be enough. I was wrong! There’s nothing quite like getting to the crucial moment and the toy goes flat!

Secondly, before you use the Mimi Soft in the bedroom, spend some time understanding the three buttons which control the 6 pulse patterns and then the + and - buttons which control the intensity of those patterns. Once you’ve got that down pat, have some quiet time on your own with your Mimi Soft to give it a whirl to explore the intensity options of each pattern. There a very wide range of patterns from a soft rumble to an intense powerful finish. It would completely detract from the moment with your partner if you were unfamiliar with the patterns and buttons, so get to know your Mimi Soft first. Besides, this is about you as a woman having an orgasm whilst being penetrated, so get to know the toy that will help you achieve this mind blowing combo! 

With regard to the vibrating patterns, if you want to enjoy a longer session with your partner, I would start with the lower rumbles and increase to the more intense rumbles as you were closer to climax. If you went with the more intense rumble immediately it will knock your socks off quickly!

What I love about the modern sex toy products is the soft body safe silicone finish that many companies have introduced. Je Joue has got this down pat with the Mimi Soft. Combined with a water base lubricant, it provides a gorgeous sensation whilst moving across your erogenous zones. Even though it is marketed as a clitoral stimulator, I loved that it provided a smooth massage to the labia minora due to the flat seamless shape and its soft tactile silicone finish.

Finally, the Mimi Soft vibrator is also 100% waterproof, therefore its versatility in the bath and shower is a plus. Let’s face it, you have to mix up the scenery at times and the bathroom is a great place to use the Mimi Soft. It can also be left in the shower as it looks like a small pink soap, making it perfect for quick dashes out of the house or forgetful clean ups.

Girls, our bodies and sexuality are a great gift. Explore it and master it! Why let the guys have all the fun! If you're stuck for ideas on sex positions when using the Mimi Soft, here is a link to some great positions and how mini vibes can be used with penetration to help women achieve orgasms.

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