Icicles by Pipedream

Icicles by Pipedream

Pipedream have created an innovative glass range of dildos called Icicles. The name is apt due to their clear glass, ice like appearance and the toys ability to be used in temperature play in the bedroom.

“Glass, what the!!??” I hear you say, with all sorts of safety concerns swirling around in your thoughts…yes glass. But to put your concerns to bed, the Icicles dildo range is made from borosilicate glass which can handle both extreme heat and cold and does not shatter, therefore very safe to use in the bedroom. Pipedream, the manufacturers have produced a very large range of glass dildos over a long period of time, therefore they are well and truly tried and tested.

Firstly to the specifications. The Icicles dildo range is made from rigid, hypoallergenic glass which is nonporous and body safe. This gets a huge tick from me from a hygiene perspective, as clean-up is a really easy. You can either run them under hot soapy water to clean or (according to the marketing info) pop them in the dish washer! Yes you just read that right! I literally did laugh out loud when I read it too. If you do decide to wash your Icicles dildo range in the dishwasher, my recommendation would be not to do it when the kids or in-laws are around (if they are, guard that dishwasher with your life)! 

Now to usability, the products are rigid, therefore a couple of things to be aware of, first, be gentle when using on yourself or partner and secondly, you won't get any bend out of them at all. For example, Icicles #57 is a double ended dildo but due to its rigidity, I would not recommend it as a sex toy for two girls to use at the same time rather individually on each other as there is no bend in the product to suit the angle you require. The textured swirled glass pattern on one end though is a clever finish, resulting in a highly desirable sensation when massaged on the G-Spot. 

Two features I love about the Icicles dildos, is their ability not to suck up lubricant like silicone sex toys do and the toys ability to change temperature. Placed in the freezer before bedroom play, the toys emulate an ice cube, instantly stimulating skin sensations. For insertion of #57 and #46, simply warm them up under warm water before use. Coupled with a silicone or water based lubricant you’re on your way for some bedroom pleasure.

Now to Icicles #63, this thing is a HUGE DILDO !!! I would only recommend it for a sex enthusiast who is wanting something large or a seasoned professional with regard to back door play. It is 21.5 cm long and 5cms wide so it not for the faint hearted. I must admit I haven’t tested this product as I found the size a tad overwhelming but I can assure you if you are looking for something HUMOUNGOUS than this is it.

This is definitely one toy you would not put in the dishwasher with your kids and in-laws around. And if you ever get caught, say “it's a bloody large paper weight given to you as a joke by friends!”

The verdict - fantastic for temperature play and clean up. Shop now

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