Minamo by Tenga

Minamo by Tenga

Sex toys are sex toys, right? Wrong! Most have a point of difference and this is certainly the case with the Minamo by Tenga. As it is an unusually shaped product compared to most vibrators on the market, it was on the top of my list to test and review.

Before I get to the design aspect and usability of this product, a surprising feature which I love, is the discreet black recharging box. I had this product sitting in my office, on my desk charging for a few days and people that entered the office were completely unaware of its content as it looks like a sleek, black IT device.

For me this is an ideal feature particularly with curious kids hanging around! Believe me there's nothing worse than your teenage daughter announcing to her friends that she has found your sex toy stash or leaving a sex toy out and coming home and the cleaner has moved it to the other side of the vanity to clean!! Seriously this has happened to me! So a big thumbs up on the discreetness of this products recharging capabilities.

So, now to design and usability; an outstanding feature of the Minamo, is its soft touch silicone finish. It's just beautiful and unlike any finish I've experienced on other silicone products. Its super soft feel combined with its ergonomic design is highly arousing as it moves over your contours. The design has been specifically created to match the shape of a woman's body, therefore this aspect combined with the super soft finish and lubrication is quite remarkable.

From a vibrating perspective it’s not as strong compared to other vibrators on the market but if you’re wanting to enjoy a longer session with a vibrator that won’t knock your socks off within 30 seconds then the Minamo is ideal.

Whilst it's marketed as a vibrator for women, on taking it into the bedroom for couples play, I found it also sits comfortably with the male form and provides a pleasurable sensation on the perineum.

Verdict: This vibrator won’t look like a massive sex toy, vibrator trophy sitting on your bench top recharging! This unusually designed, unique, waterproof sex toy, with a superb super soft silicone finish and discreet charging box is a winner. Go ahead treat yourself! Shop now.

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