Tango by We-Vibe

Tango by We Vibe

When compiling sex toy products for a website, one considers design, colour, functionality, price point and demand. There is always a handful of products that get culled and this was inevitably the case with the Tango by We-Vibe (purely because I’m not an electric blue or bright pink fan!). Then, on reading The Gritty Woman's sex toy review, the Tango by We-Vibe was touted as one of her all-time favourite vibrators, so of course this spiked my interest and desire to stock the mini vibrator (despite its colour).

Being an “I’ll try anything at least once kind of girl”, this was the first sex toy which I decided to test when our initial shipment of goods was delivered. I was intrigued that such a small device could indeed have such a large reputation. Deciding to take one for the team and in the true essence of product testing/review, I engaged in some solo time and this product did not disappoint. It truly is the mighty mouse of all mini vibrators!

I did wonder whether it was just me on the first use, so I decided to test the Tango at varying levels of energy and arousal over the course of a few weeks and it came up with the goods every time. The eight vibrating patterns are outstanding, not just in strength of vibration but also in pulsing patterns too. There’s a pattern to suit every mood.

The Tango is only 8.5cm long and 1.5cm wide making it very non-assuming as far as sex toys are concerned. For couples play, it is perfect for positions when clitoral stimulation is not optimum and where the lady can place the Tango where she desires. For couples back door play, it’s an ideal toy for beginners due to its smooth silicone finish or for those who prefer a less intimidating anal toy but enjoy the deep rumbling sensations it provides on the outer area of the anus. Additionally, it can be coupled with other non –vibrating toys on the market to enhance their use.

Whilst I’m still not a fan of the colour, let’s face it, who is going to see it other than yourself and your partner? Aside from its high performance as a clitoral vibrator and it’s versatility as a non-intimidating back door toy, I also love its waterproof qualities, recharging capabilities, gorgeous satin storage bag and its discreet travelling size! ‘Cause let’s face it, going through security with a humungous vibrator in your handbag is not an ideal situation! The Tango however, could pass as a lipstick going through an airport scanner reducing any embarrassment for the owner.

So, if you are wanting something to add to your bedroom play, this is it! It's certainly a bargain, bringing many moments of pleasure especially when the mind is willing but the body is exhausted from the daily grind. Give it a go it will not disappoint.


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