Massage Candle by Integrity Candles

Massage Candle Integrity Candles

Massage is an integral part of enhancing foreplay and if you aren’t partaking in it, then learn! Trust me your partner will love you for it!

When The Elevator received the Massage Candle by Integrity Candles, I was very keen to test it and I can assure you that this product is a winner. A massage candle is essentially a candle that when melted, turns into warm fragrant massage oil. This product is a gorgeous mix of soy wax, macadamia oil and coco butter which is completely nourishing for the skin. You simply need to light the candle and allow it to melt before use. You will have a handful of massage oil within 10 minutes, or for a whole body massage, allow the candle to melt for 20 -30 minutes.

The candle can only be described as delicious and I give it a big 5 stars for the following reasons:

  • The fragrant scent is lovely and not over powering;
  • When poured over the body, the macadamia and coco oils move effortlessly over the body allowing for a gorgeous massage or body slide;
  • The oil can be used on sensitive areas/erogenous zones, heightening arousal;
  • The massage oil has a lovely taste compared to some lubricants you can buy therefore it’s perfect for oral play;
  • The skin is completely nourished and moisturised after use not leaving a sticky or oily feel which other products tend to leave;
  • Any remaining massage oil left on sheets and towels is easily washable;
  • Made in Byron Bay, Australia from high quality materials and manufacturing processes;
  • The perfect price at only $35.00;
  • NB - Safety precautions
    • please refer to product specifications for potential allergies;
    • the glass can become hot if left to burn continuously for over an hour.

Whatever way you choose to use it, this candle is YUMMO and is a must have for your bedroom foreplay. It also makes for a wonderfully discreet present for birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. Hell, I’d even put it in Christmas stockings it’s that good! Go ahead, either rub yourself or your lover up today with this delicious product! Shop now.

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